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A Tiny Press Calls for a Tiny Book

Over the past year, I’ve been working on an exhibit revolving around the work I do in Conservation Services and the Collection Services Division as a whole. As luck would have it, Beth has this wonderful miniature book press that fit perfectly into the display case I was in charge of designing.

But what is a book press without a book to press? With that in mind, I took this opportunity to make my first miniature book.

First, I made a tiny book block.

I left the paper longer than it needed to be so that I could weigh the pages down while I sewed it all together. Once that was done, I decided it would be nice to try and round the spine. This proved to be a bit difficult with the normal tools we use for rounding.

I felt I was more likely to just crush the entire spine with the hammer than actually round it. A Teflon folder made for a safer option for this tiny spine.

Next, I needed to trim the book block to a more appropriate size. I started to cut it with just a scalpel and a ruler, but as you can see that wasn’t really going well or looking particularly nice.

I decided instead to try to trim the book in a more traditional method. This meant placing the book block into a press and using a sharp, flat blade to cut across the pages evenly.

This was much more successful and I ended up with a nice and neat book block.

After that, I covered the spine with a Japanese tissue for strength. Then I added a textile spine lining as well as a paper lining for additional support.

Now I could make the covers, which ended up being the easiest part of this whole process.

The hardest part came next, which was casing the book block into the covers. Because the book is so tiny, it was difficult to make sure the book didn’t move out of place as I glued up the paper that would connect the book block to the covers.

I eventually managed to figure it out and put the book in a press to dry flat.

I have to say it looks a bit silly in the full-sized press.

But once it was dry, the book was done!

It certainly fits in much better with a press its own size.

You can check out this tiny press with its tiny book, along with the rest of the great displays my colleagues put together, in the exhibit The Library Uncovered: Behind the Scenes with Collection Services that is currently open to the public in the Jerry and Bruce Chappell Family Gallery in Perkins.

5th Annual Edible Book Festival (2010)

At our 5th Annual EBF we raised $649 for the DUL Memorial Fund (Helene Baumann Fund) through the silent auction and additional donations. A big thank you to everyone for attending and for making some great entries, and thanks to Mark Zupan for the images. Photos from the event are on our Flickr site. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Winners by Popular Vote

Punniest Entry: Jack and the Beans-Talk! (Meg Brown)

Best Book Structure: Tie between Scarlet Pumpernickel (Erin Hammeke) and Books With Scallion Staples (Rachel Ingold)

Most Edible: All Creatures Great and Small (Beth Doyle)

Least Edible: Damp Squid (Beth Doyle)

Favorite Overall: In Defense of Food (Amy and David Turner)

Best Student Entry:  Tie between The Three Golden Keys (Liam Brown) and Mistletoe and the Three Kittens (Eddie Brown).

Most Votes Across All Categories: Mistletoe and the Three Kittens (Liam Brown)

4th Annual Edible Book Festival (2009)

The Edible Book Festival was held in the Gothic Reading Room this year on April 1, 2009. A silent auction was held to raise money for the Helene Baumann Memorial Fund. Read more from the Duke Office of News and Communications. Photos from the event are on the Duke University Libraries Flickr page.

We raised $628 for the DUL Memorial Fund (Helene Baumann Fund) through the silent auction and additional donations. A big thank you to everyone for attending and for making some great entries, and thanks to Mark Zupan for the images. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Winners by Popular Vote

Punniest Entry: War and Peas (Amy Turner)

Best Book Structure: Vellum Bindings (Meg Brown)

Most Edible: Night (Judy Bailey)

Least Edible: Brief History of Thyme (Bridget Booher)

Favorite Overall: Very Hungry Caterpillar (Sarah Hodkinson)

Best Student Entry: Little Enginie That Could (Bernadette O’Reilly and Hannah Reynolds)

Most Votes Across All Categories: Little Engine That Could (Bernadette O’Reilly and Hannah Reynolds)

3rd Annual Edible Book Festival (2008)

Our third annual Edible Book Festival raised $469 for the Duke University Libraries Memorial Fund. Images of the entries can be found on Flickr. Unfortunately two entries did not get their photos taken, both were entered by Emily Schmidt and titled “The Unbearable Lightness of Bean” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sucrets.” The titles alone are amusing, apologies to Emily for the oversight.

What Month Is It?

In October we gather ourselves together to celebrate all that is good and important, like the North Carolina State Fair and All Hallows Eve. But did you know that among other celebrations October is:

American Archives Month
National Medical Librarians Month
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
National Graphic Novel Writing Month
National Arts and Humanities Month
National Book Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Fire Safety Month

What are you celebrating this month?

Image from the Duke University History of Medicine Collection exhibits website.

What We Find In Books: Blaeu Bears and Deer

Erin came across these illustrations in one of the Blaeu atlases that she has been working on. These are filled with lovely, hand painted images.

We’ve been having a little fun trying to figure out what the bears were saying to each other, and whether this deer is from the lost herd of vampire deer from Transylvania. In all seriousness, look how it is ever so daintily standing on the frame whilst seemingly taking a nap. Very skillful (both the illustrator and the deer itself).

*Illustrations from: Willem Janszoon Blaeu, “Toonneel des aerdriicx, ofte nievwe atlas, dat is Beschryving van alle landen; nu nieulycx uytgegeven.” (E ff#91 dl.1 – 1649)

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