Exhibits at the Library


“Writing Is Like…”

Duke’s Thompson Writing Program celebrates October’s National Day on Writing by asking Duke community members to complete the sentence, “Writing is like…”

Detail from "Mesoamerica Resiste," a poster by the Beehive Design Collective on display in Perkins Library on the Student Wall.

Beehive Design Collective: Student Wall Exhibit

With its mission of “cross-pollinating the grassroots,” the Beehive Design Collective uses intricate graphic illustration to tell stories of resistance.

Queering Duke History Exhibit Logo

Understanding the LGBTQ Experience at Duke and Beyond

A look back at the major points of struggle and triumph in Duke’s LGBTQ history over the past 50 years.


Previous Library Exhibits

Check out some of our past library exhibits online.

Marshall Meyer

“I Have No Right to Be Silent”

A traveling exhibit on the human rights legacy of Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer

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