List DUMC journals

Please post what journals are carried at the DUMC library (or other campus libraries) online – especially those that are not electronic that way avoiding needless trips to the Med Center for journals that they don’t carry.

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: We’ll send this on to the DUMC library for their info. (3-4-98)

Change overdue return policy

I’m a freshman in Trinity and I have a suggestion for a better way of dealing with overdue books. I’m from Delaware and have used the UD library for the last four years or so. Their system of charging for overdue books makes much more sense than the policy here. I think it is really unfair to charge a dollar a day for each book starting at the first day its overdue. It shows a tremendous lack of understanding on the library’s part. At UD, this is how it works. The books are given a due date. After that, there is a two week grace period in which there is no charge for the books. During this time, the library mails you a warning to remind you of your overdue books. If you return the books during this time, there is no charge. But after the two weeks, it is five dollars a day for each book. That way, the only way you are charged is if you are blatantly irresponsible about returning them. The policy here doesn’t give a grace period, and therefore the library makes a lot of money on charging students who are ridiculously pressured in classes etc. I know that the library does not NEED to make money on overdue charges. It’s just another case of the University milking students’ wallets and I think everyone is tired of that. Give us a little credit. We’re all smart kids. Because we forget to return a book on time b/c of stress fromclasses and deadlines for assignments, the library shouldn’t be so anal in ripping us off. If the University of Delaware can afford to be understanding (and the school only costs 10,000 dollars a year to attend), I think Duke and its 30,000 dollars a year can afford to do the same. Thank you, and please take this into consideration. Jim Higgins

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Your observation will go to Circulation for their cosideration. (3-4-98)

Intracampus book delivery for students

Why not extend on-line requests for intracampus book delivery to students — or at the very least, grad students — instead of limiting it to faculty and staff? Right now, we have to fill out those pink request forms. Why not make it possible to do this on-line as well?

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Good questions. We’ll ask those concerned. (3-4-98)

Let Lilly video collection be checked out

Last semester, I opted to write a term paper on film noir, partly because the Lilly AV collection contains a wealth of Hitchcock movies. To my dismay, I learned that I would have to watch the videos inside the library — I couldn’t check them out and watch them in my dorm room. I realize that Lilly is not Blockbuster or anything, but in academic respects, I would have been greatly abetted by home viewing of these films. Why must the videos be seen inside the library? It’s difficult to maintain one’s concentration with earphones clamped to one’s head and people shuffling about. Sokmeone has informed me that only freshmen are prevented from “checking out” films; is this true? If so, shouldn’t the privilege be extended to all Duke students?

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Your questions will go to Lilly for their consideration. (3-4-98)

Subscribe to First South Asia Journal

Dear Sir,

I want to suggest you to please subscribe the First South Asian Journal which is available on Internet “Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences”. The URL address of this journal is Please send e-mail message ( to get an invoice. The journal is very informative.


Publication Manager

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: We’ll ask Collection Development for a ruling. (3-4-98)

Fetch books for Faculty

This is more a query than a suggestion. I recently asked for a book to be fetched from Fuqua to Perkins circulation. This was done (it was called sport organizations, or something) I used the form provided. Now I am told that Fuqua does not let this happen een for faculty. What is the true story and why cannot faculty have books fetched from Fuqua? John Wilson Sociology

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: We’ll ask our Circulation Dept staff to respond. (3-4-98)