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Behind parents' backs

how do i get internet to my computer witout my family knowing (note: family computer in liviing room has internet not mine)

Answer Person will not be a party to crime!  You could discuss with your parents a compromise where you’d get Internet access but allow them to install some sort of filtering software.  You’d be able to read this sort of junk, but be blocked from the sites you really want to see.  There are a million parental control software packages.  PC Magazine reviews some of them.

Wireless connectivity

Why does my wireless router only work sometimes? All the time, my computer says it is picking up a strong signal from the router, but sometimes my computer cannot access the internet. Is it something to do with encryption?

It may not be encryption if it happens sporadically, but you should at least test this by removing or reducing security in your router and see if it solves the problem.  Does it happen after you’ve taken your laptop someplace else and used another wireless network, then returned?  Maybe something gets reset somehow.  Still, once you give your laptop a WEP key or the like for a particular home network, the laptop shouldn’t have to ask you again.  It might be good just to eliminate security and then add it back one item at a time, checking your laptop’s ability to connect each step of the way.

Personalized login screen

Dear Sir,
How can i make my log-in screen personalized? my laptop is Acer aspire4720? co’z i want my personal pics on login screen.thank you very much.

I would simply go to and search for words such as “personalize login screen.” There seem to be websites and bulletin boards where this is discussed. I would focus on the particular operating system you’re using (Windows XP Home Edition; Vista; etc.) rather than the particular brand of computer.

Vista login

When I use the hibernate feature on my windows vista laptop, I have to go through an additional step to turn my computer back on. It first goes to a screen and I have to click on my user name. I don’t have to enter a password or anything. How do I turn that feature off? Thanks.

Searching from a Microsoft site leads to a link with these instructions. It involves running the command netplwiz at the command prompt. This looks more like a procedure to set up a default user, so I’m not sure how it’ll work if you’re the only user and never set a password to begin with. Also, I don’t know how Vista treats logging in initially versus coming out of hibernation. I know I’m pretty grumpy when I come out of hibernation. There are also some links to sites that hint that there may be a way to change the settings w/o going to a command line command. Answer Person certainly isn’t going to test any of this on the AP computer and risk a lot of smoke and flames. And anyway, the library hasn’t provided me with Vista yet.