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Focus more on creation than destruction

Am I wrong to decide to fight for and defend something, freedom, anything, this country, a person I love, life in general? I am a male engineering major. I have an outstanding job offer. I’ve been accepted to multiple graduate schools. But I want none of it! The 9-5 job, cubicles, research — my very soul recoils at the thought of them; they infuriate me. I’ve decided to join the military, to endure some of the most difficult training it has to offer, and to become a combat medic. I’ve read Catch 22, Once an Eagle, All Quiet, Birdsong, etc etc, but I’m not dissuaded. Absurdly, insanely, unbelievably, these works compel me, drive me on! So many keep telling me it’s wrong, that I shouldn’t fight, that no one should fight — even if I’ll be training to save lives first. Are they right? Isn’t this all worth defending?! Or will I be defending anything in today’s military? What do you think?

Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind. I’m a bit confused, though. You talk about fighting, but say you’re going to train to be a medic. If you want to save lives, seems like you could put some of that terrific engineering education to good use. I know a young engineer who designed MRI devices; his work probably saved a lot more lives than you would on the battlefield. Working in a cubicle doesn’t need to crush your spirit.

Duke premed requirements

Could you give me a list or a website of the Pre-Med requirements?

The Duke Office of Health Professions and Advising has such information.  The “preparing” tab deals with what classes you should take and how else your should prepare while an undergraduate at Duke.  On the right there are links regarding course requirements, sample schedules, etc.  The requirements you need to worry about are those of the med schools where you’ll be applying.

To skin a cat

Describe adaptations related to the integumentary system the cat has that differs from humans

There are entire books about this (or at least chapters, such as ch. 2 in the Atlas of Feline Anatomy for Veterinarians at the Medical Center Library), which I won’t repeat here. But for starters, they have a fur coat and most humans don’t.

Caffeine and study

Is caffeine bad for you and will the library build more independent study rooms? [3349A]

You might want to look back at 3342B regarding the effects of caffeine (summary: see MedLine Plus  from the National Library of Medicine to begin to sort through the health issues).  The renovation plans do include more group study rooms, but unfortunately during renovations of Perkins floors 2-4 many of them will need to be appropriated by library staff who need temporary office space.  Be aware that groups have priorities in group study rooms and staff may evict an individual if a group needs one.


Is caffeine bad for you? Should I be drinking Dr. Pepper and Coke to stay awake? [3342B]

There seems to be agreement that in large quantities caffeine can be bad for you. How much is too much is debated. You can search the MedLine Plus website from the National Library of Medicine for links to reliable websites, or look for journal articles in MedLine The amount of caffeine in Coke and Dr. Pepper is far less than in coffee. How much you need to stay awake depends on how much of a dependence on caffeine you’ve built up, but your complexion and oral hygiene and weight would all probably suffer from all that sugar if you depend on soda pop for your caffeine fix.