Surly fast food workers

Why are the people that work at Subway so mean?! [3344B]

The instructions you have to give them each time are so long that I’d go crazy having to concentrate on that all day.  You’re probably too picky with your order and need to simplify things.  Next time, just get a 12” on white, meatball, just sauce, and see if that doesn’t make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Surly fast food workers”

  1. what should you do as a manager at a fast food resturant catching an employee stealing fast food

  2. Actually, you should fire them. It’s really not going to be hard to replace them in this economy (or ever, at a fast food restaurant). I suppose you could give them a warning, write them up, and then you’ll have documentation if it happens again, if you want to cover yourself legally. Or, you can actually encourage them to steal and presumably eat a lot of it, especially if fried in rancid oil, with hopes that they’ll die a slow painful death as punishment.

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