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What kind of person are you?

At the end of an old Woody Allen movie, the narrator (Woody himself) says “there’s two kinds of people; the horrible and the miserable. You’re lucky if you’re miserable”. Do you agree, and which are you?

I don’t believe there are only two kinds of people: the horrible and the miserable.  And while I generally think Woody Allen is funny, his weltanschaunng – or at least the one that emanates from his movies – is too pessimistic for me to consider for longer than the length of one of his films.

And, anyway, I know someone who’s both horrible and miserable!

Practice doesn't necessarily mean perfect

Dear Answer Person,

Two things, really:

  1. If I practice every day, despite starting as an adult, will I improve on my instrument of choice?
  2. How did Perkins ever get such a wise person as you to answer questions?

Unfortunately, I know too many people whose desire far outstrips their ability when it comes to playing an instrument.  With practice, you might improve on your instrument of choice, but may never become adroit.  Keep at it, though.

On your second question, I’m both flattered and flabbergasted.  If I’m what passes for wise, we’re in serious trouble!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

I am going to be here over the summer to take a class, but I want to take advantage of some of the things Duke has to offer that I normally would not have time for.  Can you give me some good suggestions? [3552C]

Answer Person apologizes for not returning from hiatus earlier and answering this question. Duke Performances had a terrific concert series this summer in Duke Gardens, Wednesday evenings at 7.00 pm, culminating with a sublime set by Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey. But you can still check out “Beyond Beauty: Photographs from Duke University Special Collections Library” at the Nasher Museum of Art. Each Wednesday evening in August, popular movie musicals will be shown for free in Duke Gardens. The series kicks off on August 5 with “The Wizard of Oz.” Shows start at roughly 8:30 pm. Summer is also an excellent time to get to know Durham, which has lots of entertainment possibilities throughout the summer. Check the Independent for ideas the suit your tastes.