Big Jelly

What does the eye of the Jelly mean, considering jellyfish have no eyes? Unless, of course, it has some psychedelic meaning? Ans.: Jellyfiche (as in microfiche) do not have eyes, it is true. However, early Baltic scrolls discuss this and relate that the “eye” belongs to the viewer. Therefore, what is viewed is in the eye of the beholder. Is it not so?

Who is Big Jelly and what does he represent?

Answers from other patrons.: All Delta Sigs write it all over the place. It helps them feel secure.

BEWARE! It found me. Big Jelly lives!!

“Big Jelly” was started about 5 years ago. (Big Jelly is watching you.) A small band of loyal followers are trying to put one on every desk at Duke.

More than that, at least 7 or 8 [years ago].

Ans.: What you refer to is a Masonic symbol. Brothers of the lodge mark library walls, etc. to alert each other that they are in each others presence. This symbol and their propeller-driven beanies make them a truly distinctive group.

Who is Big Jelly and why is he all over the place? Confused

Answer from another patron: FYI: Big Jelly is based on a Delta Sigma named “J.” His nickname originates from his rather spineless character after smoking certain types of … well, I think you get the idea.

What ever happened to Big Jelly? Is he still watching?

Ans.: Never ceasing surveillance; some say the CIA is to start using it on its shield.

What does “Don’t crack Moses” mean and who, pray tell, is the phantom jellyfish? A Baffled Librarian

Ans.: We’re equally baffled. Reader input is requested.

For the uninitiated, could you provide an etymology on that recurrent library slogan (i.e., on library furniture, doors, etc.) “Don’t Crack Moses”?

Who is the 4th floor Bilpy?

Answer from another patron: It’s another Delta Sig extravaganza in the great tradition of Big Jelly. They’re behind them both.

Ans.: An interesting question with a varied strata of underlying meaning, reminiscent of Camus and Sartre when collaborating on the 1937 Adventures of Tin Tin.

Big Jelly, Bilpy, and Mao have united against the bourgeois fascist lackeys of Perkins! Unite or die!!!

Ans.: Good job on spelling “bourgeois,” but you left out the “Don’t Crack Moses” group in your manifesto; perhaps they’re a splinter group.

Who is BILPY? Where is he now?

Ans.: It is the acronym for a Badly Inebriated Leering Pruriently Yuppie.

You never did find out who the fourth floor “Bilpy” was from last year. His name may show up again …

Ans.: If we could only call on the Baker Street Irregulars to help us run down the identity of this, this … Napoleon of the 4th floor!

Who is “Bilpy” and why does his (her?) name appear on 4th floor walls so often?

Ans.: This word is code for “paint this wall,” indicating to our Physical Plant people the location for such activity.