Let Lilly video collection be checked out

Last semester, I opted to write a term paper on film noir, partly because the Lilly AV collection contains a wealth of Hitchcock movies. To my dismay, I learned that I would have to watch the videos inside the library — I couldn’t check them out and watch them in my dorm room. I realize that Lilly is not Blockbuster or anything, but in academic respects, I would have been greatly abetted by home viewing of these films. Why must the videos be seen inside the library? It’s difficult to maintain one’s concentration with earphones clamped to one’s head and people shuffling about. Sokmeone has informed me that only freshmen are prevented from “checking out” films; is this true? If so, shouldn’t the privilege be extended to all Duke students?

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Your questions will go to Lilly for their consideration. (3-4-98)