Decrease the a/c in Bostock/Perkins/Lilly

It’s really cold in here! I’ve got a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, and I’m about to put on a coat. After about three hours in here my fingernails start to turn purple. It is about 84 degrees outside and about 50 degrees inside the libraries. Why does it need to be so cold? I’m freezing! I’m sure the school could save some electricity if they cut back.

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Maybe someday when all of the Perkins and Bostock library complex is renovated, the heat and A/C will be more uniform. Maybe. Some rooms and areas always do seem extra cold. I’ll pass your comment on to building maintenance people, but remember that on the library homepage, under “Request forms A-Z,” there’s a Building Maintenance form you can use to complain. You’ll need to specify the offending area(s).

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