Answer Person Live – 2003

As part of the Duke Experience: Technology and Education Week, Perkins Library set up a table with direct, live access to Answer Person. Library staff at the table were also giving away coupons for free ice cream — often at the urging of Answer Person.

Here are the highlights . . . [ pasted from an IM transcript – please excuse the sloppy formatting ]

joe blow where in paris should i go for cheap food?
answer person The same place they have great, considerate service, of course!
Richard A What was the name of the program that funded what would later become the Internet.
answer person Arpanet–whoops, now I will have to kill you. Virtually, of course.
betsy a will anne and i get married?
answer person Well, you have to decide when and where and who is coming and where you will live and will the press
betsy a the press……..? i’m no bennifer, trust me. do i need to move to toronto?
answer person No one needs to move to Canada. It just happens sometimes.
daniel when will they take down the green fence that is in the academic quad. also, why did they take out the beautiful wooden tables in the great hall?
answer person [Sometimes it is hard to stop when you are on a (deconstructionist) roll.
Pharaoh Khufu So, who really built the pyramids. It damn sure wasn’t me.
answer person No, but remember those checks you signed? Maybe a pint of ice cream will help you remember
fatty I’ve been on the atkins diet for 1.5 weeks. When will I start to see results?
answer person Let’s give it a few more hours. Hasn’t your apetite decreased? No. Well, how about a . . . : final pint of ice cream!
fatty That’s cruel, ap!
anonimus what was the score in the last duke women’s basketball game of last season?
answer person It was, sadly, Tennessee 66, Duke 56

anonimus: where is the proof?
answer person
anonimus you’re magic.
answer person ooooo!!! you are so nice!!!!
Luke Do you know of any medieval russian theologians
answer person There was Mikhail Petrovich Bulgakov, but no, he was 19th century. Let me think. . .
eddy Can chimpanzees and humans procreate? And if so is George W. Bush an example of this?
answer person

Yes, but not with others. Thus, GWB is an example of the real situation. Other explanations are called for.
For clarification, lest you tested this, not with others of their species.
Lindsey Will we not have class tomorrow b/c of [Hurricane] Isabel?
answer person Isabel is a difficult, moody person. I could tell you the answer, but better be prepared for class . . . and ready to party at the same time. The perfect Duke combination! Have some ice cream at the party.
janelle Where can I find a scholarly article in English on the subject of the “Language Reform,” “Die Sprachlenkung,” Hitler’s language reform during the second world war?
answer person

The MLA Bibliography is a good choice–I found 14 hits there. [Records were displayed for Janelle]
[Page sent:]
Also sent you the Holocaust resources page. Good luck. And have some ice cream on me!
dc bound Do you think I can make it safely to dc if I leave friday at 4:30, considering the storm?
answer person Forget the storm–it will be long gone. You only have to worry about the crazy drivers! Don’t eat your ice cream while driving.
dc bound Thanks, AP!
answer person My pleasure!
NYZ The period for keeping the book is too long so that other people who need it can’t get it. The period should be around, say, 3 months.
answer person ALL books are subject to recall after 2 weeks. While waiting for that book to come in, have some ice cream!
NYZ Thank you. Now i understnad. You have an icecream too.
answer person Thanks!
J what time is it?
answer person 11:28:10 [NOTE: AP’s time is more accurate than the computer’s!]
J thanks, thanks for nothing. i’m late for class because of you. have a good day.
dudette what is the meaning of life for a canadian?
answer person

How can you suggest that their is one meaning of life for all Canadians, representing so many different cultures and ethnicities, so many ways of emulating the American dream!
One of the best parts of the American dream–good ice cream! Have some!
dudette American dream!??!?!? that deserves a virtual punch *PUNCH*
answer person Hey–last time I looked, we are ALL Americans, so rabbit tap back at you. But you can keepthe ice cream.

i have much to learn from you sensei…do u get proceeds from the ice cream eating..???
answer person Ice cream to you provides good feelings for me. Enjoy!

What is the most efficient compensation, in your opinion, to pay for those studies in the Bryan Center
answer person Which studies? Coffee drinking habits? Art gallery attendance? Cramming for exams?
Hirsh I just did a 20 minute study paying $4 for a quiz of preferences in Cell phones
Also, can you give me an example of a Giffen good?
answer person [Item sent – Giffen Good:]

I enjoy mystery novels myself, especially those by Christie. Can you recommend to me a new but similar style of author to peruse? if it helps, Miss Marple and “Nemesis” were my favorites
answer person AP has never been a fan of mysteries, Never understood why.
Jonathan not good enough. I’m am greatly disappointed in the so-called AP
Meg How can I make suggestions about what fiction books the Duke library system should acquire?
answer person [Item sent – Suggest A Book? — Perkins Library, Duke University:]
Meg Wow, thanks! Does the library usually purchase books requested by students, or does there have to be a large demand? That is, does more than one person have to request a given book?
answer person No. No guarantees we will get it, but we really do care about what people want to read.
Meg Thanks for all your answers, Answer Person.
answer person My pleasure. Your’s: ice cream.
nini Confucius says: a son has a duty to cover up for a father who steals a sheep. The Duke disagrees, saying that the son has a duty to be a tattletale. What’s up with this?
answer person Duke says: If the sheep is the UNC ram mascot, son should help father, demonstrating true filial respect.
nemo what is the linguistic origin of the italian salutation and farewell, “Ciao?” Is there a reason why Hemingway spells it “Ciaou?”
answer person

Goes back to the Italian love of food. What better greeting than to let people know that food is ready. “Chow,” of course, was too easily confused with the dog, not on the menu. And Hemingway was just confused. Ice cream is on our menu! Ciao!
nemo no really. any etymological sources that you know of?

answer person

Oh, so little time. Check oout the online catalog, under the subject headings:
answerperson: Italian language — Etymology. (LC) [ about ] [13 titles]
Search also under: Patata (The Italian word)
Italian language — Etymology — Dictionaries. (LC) [19 titles]
Italian language — Etymology — Dictionaries — Congresses. (LC) [1 title]
Italian language — Etymology — Dictionaries — Early works to 1800. (LC) [1 title]
Italian language — Etymology — Names. (LC) [ about ] [9 titles]
Italian language — Etymology — Names — Congresses. (LC) [1 title]
Italian language — Etymology — Names — Dictionaries. (LC) [1 title]
nemo grazie.. penso.
Lee how do i get my eprint to set up, the computer keeps on asking me about a disk.
answer person AP often checks with OIT–they will need to know the type of computer, Windows (?) version, etc.
Lee they can’t figure it out either; but thanks
answer person It could be that it requires some updating from your system install disk–no problem if you still have the original installation disks.
Karthik B Do trees have feelings?
answer person Let’s hope not, the way Duke has been cutting them down lately. Research has been inconclusive, but it hurts AP to see them removed.
Nicole P Why is the Ivy League called the Ivy League (how did it get its name?)
answer person Ever notice all the ivy growing on the walls of the buildings?
Nicole P oh. is it that obvious?
answer person Don’t feel bad. Have some ice cream on me.
Nicole P THANKS!