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When I use the hibernate feature on my windows vista laptop, I have to go through an additional step to turn my computer back on. It first goes to a screen and I have to click on my user name. I don’t have to enter a password or anything. How do I turn that feature off? Thanks.

Searching from a Microsoft site leads to a link with these instructions. It involves running the command netplwiz at the command prompt. This looks more like a procedure to set up a default user, so I’m not sure how it’ll work if you’re the only user and never set a password to begin with. Also, I don’t know how Vista treats logging in initially versus coming out of hibernation. I know I’m pretty grumpy when I come out of hibernation. There are also some links to sites that hint that there may be a way to change the settings w/o going to a command line command. Answer Person certainly isn’t going to test any of this on the AP computer and risk a lot of smoke and flames. And anyway, the library hasn’t provided me with Vista yet.

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  1. Microsoft says to contact your computer manufacturer with support questions if the OS came bundled on your computer. If you purchased Vista separately, you can contact Microsoft support. You can try searching the Microsoft Support knowledgebase. There may be an aftermarket utility that you can install that helps fine-tune Vista. A possibility is Tweak VI, although I don’t know the particulars of this program. (I’ve enjoyed using Tweak UI for Win98 and for XP.)

  2. You’re the best, Answer person! And thank you anonymous. I love this new website format that allows comments.

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