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Where can I buy a sweater made of wool and peat? Or at least peat and some kind of other fabric. Thank you!

Perhaps at a nursery. Or, you can get your wool sweater dirty with peat while engaged in gardening chores. I think that “peat” is sometimes used by designers to denote an earthtone color, hence references to a “peat fabric.” Apparently sometimes soil scientists will use the term “peat fabric” to refer to the stuck-together layer of peat in a peat deposit. It doesn’t seem to be the sort of material, however, that lends itself to spinning into yarn and weaving, or to felting. It’s up to you to purchase a cubic yard of the stuff in the lawn supply section of Home Depot and figure out how to make a fabric out of it.

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  1. Well, I don’t think that it’s exactly inaccurate … maybe just not complete in not acknowledging that others have already figured out how to integrate it into fabric. If you didn’t read the volumes of questions and comments on this web site, I suspect you didn’t get that it’s primarily for entertainment and not for real reference questions.

    For the benefit of others, I’ll paste below an appropriate paragraph from the website you cite, mentioning peat in textiles:

    Peat in textiles
    Peat is also used in textiles. The peat fibres used for this are 5-20 cm long. These fibres are soft enough for use in textiles but must be combined with other fibres such as wool or linen to be spun. A blend of 60% peat and 40% wool is common. Peat textiles have many useful qualities. Clothing sewn from fabric made containing peat fibre or knit with peat yarn is twice as warm as similar clothing of sheep¹s wool. This is due to the peat fibre¹s tubular, porous structure. Peat clothing is especially suitable for children, the elderly and rheumatic patients, with respect to its heat-insulating nature. Peat textiles are also light and comfortable to wear. No chemical additives are used in processing peat into fabrics and yarns, making the textiles completely hypoallergenic. Peat is also a highly absorbent material, able to absorb air and water.

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