Promote the Print Reserves Collection

My comment concerns the new online reserves used (and perhaps overused) by the professors this semester. Maybe it isn’t the professors fault for using such a technologically advanced system for providing their students with reading material at no cost, however, the monetary savings afforded to these students has since taken away from the time savings of students outside of these classes. For example, as one student not fortunate enough to have a printerof my own, I trekked all the way out to the computer cluster to print my paper. Thinking that I could easily be in and out of the library within minutes, I am still here, two hours later, waiting in line because people have chosen to print hundred page reserves on all three printers. If only this was an exaggeration. Anyway, I am a bit peeved. I admit that I am a hypocrit for being both a critic and user of this online reserve system, but it is ridiculous that the clusters, once teeming with students who only wanted to check their email, while term paper writers sat patiently waiting, are now the site for all those rushing to save the few cents and printing novels off the slow online system. I wish that I had a simple remedy for this, but for now, I am stuck with the role of the complainer who is reaching the end of her patience.

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Your comments and observations will be shared with the Reserve folks. Thanks. (3-4-98)