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Big heads

Why are all the students’ heads so big? – Rochdale Community College [3353B]

AP is no phrenologist, but really doesn’t think the heads here are any bigger than average.  Perhaps you were unlucky enough to meet a student who was a little snooty towards you, but most of them are all-right folks … honest.

Jealous of AP?

Why does Duke have such a pointless thing as an Answer Person while other colleges don’t? – Penn Student [3353A]

Oh, I’m sure that Penn has a lot of pointless things, too. Incidentally, plenty of other universities have answer people, although pale impostors of the real thing. The University of Chicago library’s online suggestions/comments (Maroon Opinions) even credits the Perkins answer person as an inspiration:

Buses' home

Where do the buses park? [3352C]

If you mean where they go to bed for the night after they’re off duty, there’s a bus facility on Buchanan Blvd. between Main Street and Chapel Hill St. (just south of the railroad tracks, on the east side of Buchanan, behind an old brick warehouse).


Where is a bathroom with a couch, sink, and toilet? (In the stacks – where?) [3352B]

Most of the larger women’s restrooms include a couch, in addition to the required restroom equipment.  If you’re a guy, please crash on one of the big chairs in the public study areas in the library.

I'll hold up my end

What is the origin of the phrase “I’ll hold up my end”? [3351C]

If you’re carrying a heavy load with another person (e.g., a sofa), each of you is likely to be holding one end of the load, which can’t be carried by one alone. To AP, holding up your end can be extrapolated to doing your part on any project, not being a slacker and not trying to get away with having others do all the work.

Mattresses in stacks

Could we get more mattresses in the stacks, because I have graduation requirements to fulfill!  [in another hand] Maybe one of those vending machines with the Twix/condoms 2-for-1? [3351A]

Using mattresses is cheating. You’re supposed to use the floor (the concrete part, at that).  Regarding the second comment, can’t you plan ahead enough to purchase supplies at the lobby store in the Bryan Center or at a local drug store?