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Quick Pic: Work Comes In, Work Goes Out

When I first arrived at the library the repair unit was considered the place where “things went to and never came back.” That, of course, wasn’t true then and it certainly isn’t true now. Here are a few lovely repaired items going back to the general collections thanks to Mary and Tedd.

New cases and rebacks. Headed back to the shelf thanks to Conservation.
New cases and rebacks on their way back to the shelf thanks to Conservation.

Phreno Charts And Conservation

I wanted to show off a beautiful repair that Mary completed recently. I saw this on the “ready for quality control” shelf and just fell in love with her repair.

The title is “Improved Phreno-Chart” by Br. C. Townsend (1859). The book needed a reback. Mary toned a piece of cotton to match the color of the original cover, then she took some sandpaper to the cotton to rough it up to mimic the wear on the original cloth. She did a really lovely job making the new spine blend into the original cloth.


What makes the book even more fun is the content. The book is a meant to be a workbook for an individual to fill out. In this case, Charles Miller was tested on February 9, 1864.


The text is filled with scores. I’m not sure what they mean, but it is really interesting to see a working document like this in the general collections.