FOLIO Update

Duke is using FOLIO in production! We have eight apps that we’re using in production. For our electronic resources management, we are using Agreements, Licenses, Organizations, Users, and Settings. Those apps went live in July of 2020, even with the pandemic in full force! In July of 2021, we launched Courses and Inventory so that professors and students could store and access electronic reserves material. In Summer 2022, we plan to launch the eUsage app that will allow us to link to vendor sites and bring our eUsage statistics into one place.











In Summer 2023, we plan to launch the rest of the FOLIO, moving all of our acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation functions into their respective apps. Currently the total number of apps included in FOLIO is 20. We’re almost halfway there!

To learn more about FOLIO, you can visit, the FOLIO wikispace, or the documentation portal

To learn more about our local project, visit FOLIO@Duke and read our newsletters!

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