Spying on Galileo

Professor Begali's class in the Rare Book RoomOn Friday, April 8th, Professor Matteo Gilebbi’s Italian 22 course, offered by the Romance Studies Department, held a special lesson at the RBMSCL. The class was led by guest speaker Professor Mattia Begali. While Professor Begali’s expertise centers on the Baroque period, Professor Gilebbi’s research focuses on the use of new technologies in the fields of literature and pedagogy. This unique collaboration sought to facilitate student learning processes through the merger of old and new media.

This particular lesson aimed to utilize the RBMSCL as a pedagogic and engaging space for students interested in Italian culture and language. The class focused on the intellectual network of scholars who were active in Rome during Galileo’s affair. By using both ancient editions available in the RBSMCL’s collections and online sources, students were able to explore the visual rhetoric presented in works of authors such as Roberto Bellarmino and Tommaso Campanella, while endeavoring to understand their role and position in Galileo’s entourage.

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