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Lynn Saville’s Night Views

This month the Archive of Documentary Arts highlights the work of nocturnal photographer Lynn Saville. The images were selected from Night Vision: Photographs of William Gedney and Lynn Saville, exhibited in the Rubenstein Library in 2005.   The Lynn Saville Photograph collection contains over two hundred black and white and color prints, the majority photographed at night.

Smith and Ninth Street, Brooklyn, 2002


Lynn Saville photograph, Palais Royale, Paris, 1999
Palais Royale, Paris, 1999
Lynn Saville photograph of graffiti in Brooklyn
Dancer on Front Street, Brooklyn, 1997
Lynn Saville photograph of Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Fog, 1999

2 thoughts on “Lynn Saville’s Night Views”

  1. These are some amazing shots – cities are so busy the only time you can ever see them quiet is to go out in the middle of the night! It’s so surreal to see these famous landmarks completely deserted of commuters and tourists – it’s a little bit spooky even.

  2. Fantastic shots.
    It’s almost eerie how empty the cities are.

    My favourite shot has to be the Brooklyn Bridge. The symmetry of it, the contrast in the tones; it’s just a perfect photograph.

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