Quick Pic: Before There Was Power Point

audio visual materialsNow ubiquitous, presentations that combined audio, images and text were once revolutionary and cutting edge.

Before we could do it all on a computer, multi-media presentations were put together with a mixture of photographic slides, a script, and audio tapes that contained not only the taped narration but cues to advance the slide tray. The best systems did this automatically with the inclusion of magnetic blips that “talked” to the slide projector to make it advance by itself…it was magic!

We recently got this kit into the lab for boxing. As someone who once created presentations like this, I can tell you Power Point is so much easier to use (some would say too easy…blinking cartoons flying in from stage left, anyone?).

5 thoughts on “Quick Pic: Before There Was Power Point”

  1. I remember packing up many copies of Yale’s Care and Handling slide/tape show when I worked there ’91-’92 and recently found Syracuse’s copy stashed away in a corner. Should have my audio engineer digitize and do same with slides… Might be a fun trip.

  2. And here the Care and Handling of Books, Yale University Library, 1980. Audio and slides received minimal processing to preserve that vintage looks. Thank you to Bobbi Pilette at Yale for allowing me to share it.

    Here the direct link again in case it doesn’t work above.

    Enjoy, Peter

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