Quick Pic: President Few’s Death Mask

William Preston Few death mask
Death Mask of William Preston Few from the collections of the Duke Unviersity Archives.

Here lies the death mask of Duke University President William Preston Few (1910-1940).

His head is in the lab having recently been on exhibit. It’s existing enclosure wasn’t providing adequate protection for the delicate plaster, so Jennifer is building an enclosure for it.

It’s creeping us all out.


2 thoughts on “Quick Pic: President Few’s Death Mask”

  1. Jennifer assures me that she is the only one NOT creeped out by this. When you see her post scheduled for next week, you will begin to understand why.

  2. Nice mask of a descendant, in the family tree. Doesn’t creep me out at all.

    Bill Few 11
    Chief Interactive Psybertronist
    Terra Firma

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