Photo Op with the AOTUS

On August 20, 2010 By

During the recent Society of American Archivists (SAA) meeting in Washington, D.C., several RBMSCL staff members received a very special tour of the National Archives. Former Duke University Librarian and current [...]

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O Pioneers!

On July 24, 2010 By

For many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the experience of holding and reading a first edition copy of the Book of Mormon—including one of the two held at the RBMSCL—elicits reverence and profound emotion.

According to the church, the Book of [...]

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As I was preparing for my last year at the School for Information and Library Science (SILS) at UNC, I knew that I needed to gain some practical experience in the library field in addition to my current part-time job. At SILS, I became [...]

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Pharaoh Peepses II

On March 30, 2010 By

Meghan Lyon, our technical services assistant, just came back from a week in the Land of the Pharaohs. Just for fun, she and her husband Vaughn took along a packet of Peeps. “The weirdest part,” she notes, “was that they never melted, despite it being over 100 degrees on [...]

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Most people associate Victorian women with high tea and corsets, not with struggles for justice and equality. However, Angela DiVeglia, graduate intern at the Sallie Bingham Center and co-curator of “I Take Up My Pen: 19th Century British Women Writers,” [...]

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Jazz Archive on Duke Today

On December 2, 2009 By

Stop by Duke Today for a look at the RBMSCL’s Jazz Archive and jazz archivist Jeremy Smith’s efforts to “shine a light on North Carolina’s and Duke’s contribution to jazz.” Read the full article here.


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