Preservation Underground Turns Four

Today is Preservation Underground’s fourth anniversary. We want to thank our loyal readers, especially those that take the time to comment on our posts.These exchanges keep us engaged and learning, for that I’m appreciative.

My birthday wish for our blog is that we can continue sharing our work with our colleagues both within and outside the library in an engaging way. I would also like to foster even more conversations. What would you like to see more of in the next year? What inspires you to read and respond to a post? What burning preservation or conservation topics would you like us to write about? I’ll leave you with four images of what is happening in the lab today.

Clockwise from upper left: Grace and Tedd on a construction tour with Ken from LendLease; Jim from LendLease works with After Disaster to monitor the drying of our cork floor; Mary and Aaron pre-cut plastic so all we need to do is unroll it if necessary; on the construction tour we saw what was happening on the other side of our wall (hint: they are draping plastic in preparation of rain tomorrow–keep your fingers crossed for us!).