Preservation Video Rodeo Roundup, pt. 2 (Care and Handling)

It’s day two of Preservation Week. In today’s video roundup we share some of our favorite care and handling videos. If you have a favorite care and handling video, give us the link in the comment section.

The classic video is “Murder in the Stacks.” Thanks to Columbia University, this timeless (OK, maybe “historic”) video is now online for all to enjoy.

This video is one of the best, and shortest, care and handling videos we have seen. Produced by Middlebury College Preservation and Processing Unit (Department?).

At George Mason University, taking care of books is FUN.

Daniel Ireton created this fabulous video…modern videos meet olde tyme production. Hey Daniel, what library is this?

Just for fun: A reminder that food in the library is generally frowned upon.