The Archive of Documentary Arts monthly blog post highlights work in our holdings that has been digitized. This month, we remember the great Mississippi Delta Bluesman, Honeyboy Edwards (1915-2011), through the photography of Cedric Chatterley. Cedric traveled with Honeyboy extensively on the national and international concert circuit. He also visited Honeyboy in Chicago and photographed the South Side in winter. To see more of Cedric Chatterley’s photographs of Honeyboy Edwards, visit the library’s online exhibit site. To learn more about the photography of Cedric Chatterley take a look at the catalog record that describes his collection to date.  Eventually, Cedric Chatterley’s life’s work will be housed in the Archive of Documentary Arts.

Amtrak passing through the Southside heading north, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1995.


Parking lot for a fish store on Chicago's Southside. Regular deliveries of live fish come from Mississippi and other states, winter, 1994.

Friends of Honeyboy Edwards jamming in a storefront on South 47th Street, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1995.

Honeyboy Edwards at home on South Wells near 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1994.

Post contributed by Karen Glynn, Photography Archivist, Archive of Documentary Arts.

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One Response to Chicago’s South Side

  1. Producer Rob Perkins says:

    What a great picture of Honeyboy. As a friend, fan and producer of his documentary it is always a pleasure to see his name and picture. Producer Rob Perkins,

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