Endnote: Our Duke, Your Duke

Multicolored index cards pinned to a corkboard with handwritten messages on them.

One of the more fascinating finds in our special Duke Centennial exhibit, Our Duke: Constructing a Century, isn’t in a display case. It’s a wall of index cards telling us what the exhibit leaves out.

“What’s a Duke moment or memory you would like to share that you didn’t see?” reads the sign, inviting visitors to write in their own historical milestones. Some are facetious. Some are sweet. Many are sports-related, as you could probably guess.

It’s a reminder that there’s the story of Duke we all know. The one-room schoolhouse that grew into a Gothic Wonderland, home to world-renowned researchers and Cameron Crazies. Then there are all the individual stories of everyone who’s ever been a student here. Each one had their own Duke experience, which was just a chapter in their larger life story.

Want to share your own Duke moment with us? Even if you can’t come to campus, visit the exhibit website and fill out the “Your Duke” form online. Responses may be preserved in the University Archives—for our bicentennial exhibit down the line.