Spring 2013

Pretty Day at the Library

A Day in the Life of the Libraries

We wanted to capture a snapshot of the people, places, and everyday moments that comprise a typical day in one of the top research library systems in the country.

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Visualize This: The Duke Intellectual Climate Report

One of the finalists from our data visualization contest provides some valuable insights about campus life and Duke’s intellectual climate.

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Physaria Closeup

Botanical Treasures from Duke’s Hidden Library

A new library exhibit about the Duke Herbarium reveals the beauty of the natural world and the importance of herbaria in furthering our understanding of it.

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Joshua D. Sosin

Mellon Grant Supports Digital Classics at Duke

The Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing will use new technologies to analyze some of the world’s oldest documents and artifacts and advance scholarship in the digital humanities.

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Buildings: Library, West Campus--Interior, to 1969

Of Pages and Pages: Dumbwaiters, Tubes and Library Innovations 1940s-Style

Not so long ago, the state-of-the-art in library science wasn’t digitized books and mobile apps, but dumbwaiters and pneumatic tubes.

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DUL Spring2013 Cover

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The articles above are excerpted from the Spring 2013 issue of Duke University Libraries Magazine.

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