LibX now available for IE

LibX is a web browser extension (also known as a plug-in or add-on) that places a toolbar in your browser, visual “cues” in certain web pages that link to Duke Library resources related to the item you’re viewing, and new menu items in the right-click menu in your browser, getting you quick access to Duke Library resources from whatever web page you’re on.  A version for Firefox has been available for some time but the creators of LibX have now released a version that works in Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and 7.

Duke Libraries LibX Search Options

More information about what you can do with LibX, where to get it, and how to install it in both Firefox and IE can be found on the Library’s LibX Tool page.

One thought on “LibX now available for IE”

  1. I heard from one of my Facebook friends that there’s a security breach in IE7. Using certain add-ons and plugins can allow anonymous spyware to be installed on your dsystem files. I actually had this happen through a plug-in, and my browser got hijacked. Not saying anything again LibX, just a caution in general concerning plug-ins.


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