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Mandy Carter: Scientist of Activism

Mandy Carter is a Durham-based Black lesbian activist who has been a central figure in the American struggle for social justice for five decades. This exhibit honors her life and legacy of social change defined by nonviolent resistance, Black freedom movements, and queer liberation.

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Residue: The Early Coal Mining Photographs of Earl Dotter

Since the 1960s, Earl Dotter has dedicated his career to documenting the challenges of the American worker. This exhibit highlights his early work in the Appalachian coalfields, depicting an industry defined by hazardous working conditions, camaraderie, community, resilience, and death.

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Let’s March Forward Together

This exhibit explores how Black men and women in the advertising industry helped to create a more positive and inclusive consumer culture, focusing in particular on the work of five Black advertising executives whose papers are held by the Rubenstein Library’s Hartman Center.

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The Horrors and Heroes of Hiroshima

This exhibit explores the horrors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, but also the medical implications of the first use of nuclear weapons on humans. At its center is “Hiroshima Diary” by Dr. Michihiko Hachiya, a Japanese doctor’s perspective on the day of the bombing and its aftermath.

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Rosetta Reitz’s Musical Archive of Care

Rosetta Reitz was a feminist pioneer, jazz historian, business woman, and energetic change maker in everything that she approached. In 1980, she founded Rosetta Records to celebrate the foremothers of jazz and blues.

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