New Catalog Interface

The Library has published a new interface to the catalog that performs faster and is easier to navigate thanks to a faceted browsing feature similar to those found on retail sites such as Amazon and Home Depot.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When you search the form in the “Search Our Resources” box results will display in the new catalog interface with the exception of GoogleScholar and E-Journals. The latter will continue to load in the (old interface) Resource Finder due to system limitations.
  • All links to will be redirected to the new catalog interface but will continue to display the classic search screen.
  • There will be links to the Classic Catalog from new catalog interface and from the Libraries’ homepage.
  • There will be a link from new catalog interface to a comments/suggestions form by the end of the week.

A feedback form will be linked to from the new interface by the end of the week. Try it out now ( and let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “New Catalog Interface”

  1. Nice and useful. Particularly like the categories along the left-hand side to let users narrow down their search. I’m definitely going to recommend this sort of set up for my library’s catalog redo!

    One suggestion: is there a way to mark items in a list of results? I don’t see that option. Was it a conscious decision to not have that?

  2. i’ll add this to our enhancements list. we’ve rolled this catalog out in beta to get more feedback from patrons so it truly is a work in progress. the software is endeca, the same search engine that powers retail sites such as amazon and home depot. nc state was the first to implement it and we’re in the same consortium. as a group, we rolled out a consortial interface this spring at you’ll notice that neither nc state nor trln have the list feature either so i’ll have to follow up with them to see if their patrons miss it.

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