Exhibits – Fall 2007

The Perkins Gallery remains closed for renovation until August 2008.

Special Collections Gallery

Picturing Home: Family Albums as Historical MemoirAugust/October
Picturing Home: Family Albums as Historical Memoir
This evocative exhibit documents the history of four generations of the Davis family of Hampton, Virginia. Chloe Tarrant Campbell created the first photography album in the 1870s prior to moving from Alabama to Mississippi. Her daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughters continued the photographic tradition, creating a rich record of African American life from Reconstruction to the civil rights movement. The exhibit, which traces the maternal line of Chapel Hill donor Louise Davis Stone, is drawn from the Davis Family Papers Collection.

Louise Davis Stone: Duke University Photography “I’m impressed by what collections can teach someone who has no knowledge of black middle class life. White people don’t know our aspirations, goals and gracious living. It’s about dispelling stereotypes. We had a life. We still have a life. We enjoyed the creature comforts despite segregation and racism.”

–Louise Davis Stone

Image from Driftless: Photographs from IowaNovember/December
Driftless: Photographs from Iowa
Black-and-white photographs by Danny Wilcox Frazier of a contemporary rural Iowa of vanishing towns and transformed landscapes. As viewers study these images, they will also see what is happening in many other parts of the United States. A version of this exhibit is available online.

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  1. I knew Louise Stone when she lived in Philadelphia and would like to reconnect with her. Can you please pass my e-mail address on to her? Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.

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