Finding a Library computer during crunch-time…

To see a list showing how many computers are available at various Library locations around campus, point your cell phone’s browser to a new page on the Library’s mobile website:

This is part of a beta site providing Library web content formatted specifically for cell phones and other handheld devices (iPod Touch, Blackberry, etc.). Feel free to give us your feedback letting us know what Library information you’d like to access via your cell phone’s browser.

Kudos to Jim Coble, Matt Gates, and Jason Simons for making data on available computers accessible to our patrons.

We also have a set of pages on the Library’s main website,, that displays the same information graphically.

3 thoughts on “Finding a Library computer during crunch-time…”

  1. Hi
    This doesn’t work – please fix!

    Also – a working graphic would be a good way of representing computers that are available.

    This is a great idea though – you just need to fix a couple of bugs.

  2. Thank you for your feedback.

    Pie charts showing available computers are shown on the Library’s main website ( ); however, graphics such as the ones used on those pages do not display well on many mobile devices — the images used are 400 pixels wide while most cell phones have screens that are less than 320 pixels wide.

    If at some point in the future the software used to generate the pie charts is updated to produce smaller charts, then we will consider adding them to the handheld-formatted page.

    I checked the pages this morning and the data feeds appeared to be working and were displaying data on the pages as intended.

    Can you be more specific about what information was not working? Also, can you let us know what model of cell phone you were using to access the page when you encountered a problem? Thanks.

  3. Oh- that explains it.
    I checked the status online on a computer – not using a mobile phone.
    Maybe that’s why it didn’t work?!

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