How do I access databases from off-campus?

To get to databases or e-journals from off-campus, be sure to go through the library website in order to be recognized as a Duke user. Going directly to a bookmarked e-resource will not work.

Try logging in using any one of these methods:

  • Start at the database or e-journal interface, or follow a “GetIt@Duke” link. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up, and you just need to fill in your NetID and password to connect to EZProxy. You should be good to go until you end your browser session or log out!
  • When entering the library website from off-campus, you might also notice that there is a Yellow box located to the right of the titled database link(s) saying “Your web browser is reporting an IP address that is not within range of authorized AP addresses”. Just click on the link for signing in with your Net ID/password. Once you’re signed in, you can access any number of databases.
  • If you’re still not being recognized as a Duke user, download and install the Duke Virtual Private Network (VPN). Some resources exclusive to Law, Business, or Medical Center affiliates cannot be accessed via EZProxy. Make sure that the the VPN is open when you access the database or e-journal.

If you’re having any trouble Ask a Librarian, or check through some of the connection issues that might cause difficulties with the VPN.

Written by Kathi Matsura

One thought on “How do I access databases from off-campus?”

  1. If you’re using the Duke LibX browser plugin, you can also use the right-click menu in your browser to authenticate as a Duke user via EZProxy directly from the page you’re on. This doesn’t work for all subscription resources, but is worth a try, especially if you’ve landed on something via a Google search (or some other way other than the library web site) and need to identify yourself as a Duke user in order to take advantage of the library’s subscription.

    More information about this (and other things LibX can do) are on the Duke LibX web page.

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