Duke LibX: Add Duke Libraries to your web browser

We are happy to announce the publication of the Duke version of the LibX plug-in for Firefox web browsers. Duke LibX allows you to install a toolbar in your browser with a search box that connects directly to Duke’s library catalog, e-journals, databases, or library web pages, as well as Google Scholar. You can highlight citations and drag-and-drop them to the toolbar, or right-click to have the same search options. LibX also puts a Duke Gothic window (called a ‘cue’) in web sites like Amazon – click it and automatically search the catalog to see if we own the book.


Find out more and get the install link at our LibX page (http://library.duke.edu/research/tools/libx.html) If there is one hack you take from this blog, this should be the one. (And if you’re not using Firefox yet, this is your reason to switch.)

The Duke LibX tool was originally developed by Sean Chen (Law Library) and recently updated by Paolo Mangiafico (Perkins Digital Projects). Thanks, guys!

Written by Phoebe Acheson

11 thoughts on “Duke LibX: Add Duke Libraries to your web browser”

  1. is there a way to add a button to search a particular database to which duke subscribes? (say, JSTOR, or WorldCat?)

  2. Yes, we could add other database searches to this tool. We’ll want to limit the number of things we add so the pull-down list of options doesn’t become overwhelming, but the ones you mention are things that have widespread use and are probably good candidates. We’ll experiment with adding a few more, and if it works out you’ll see the changes in an update to the plug-in soon.

  3. Another approach, Eric, is to use the search plugins that integrate with the native search tool in Firefox and ie7.

    For example, a WorldCat search plugin can be found here: . A Jstor seach plugin, along with many others, can be found at searchplugins.net

    Look here for more information on a search plugin page.

  4. This has cut every corner and has made it very easy to navigate for everyone “Duke’s library catalog” with many other features Brilliant

    Thank You

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