SimplyMap lets users create professional quality maps for use in presentations, research reports, business plans, or Websites. Data variables can be viewed at the State, County, ZIP Code, Tract and Block Group levels.

Want to know the top 10 wealthiest ZIP codes in your state? How about the top 25 counties with the most elderly residents? These and similar questions are easily answered by ranking locations using any data variable in SimplyMap.

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SimplyMap includes access to thousands of demographic, business, and marketing data variables such as consumer expenditure, real estate, crime and many more.

Everything you do in SimplyMap can be exported in multiple formats for further customization and analysis. Create and export large amounts of data or detailed reports as Excel or CSV files. Advanced users can even export shapefiles for use in their own GIS software.

Written by Nathaniel King

Click here to access SimplyMap.

3 thoughts on “SimplyMap”

  1. Interesting stuff do you have here. I wonder who developed it. Thanks anyway. Before that, if you are Gmail user, do you know that Gmail goes offline? Check it out if you have time. Thanks again.

  2. I’ve used SimplyMap a few times and I find it to be easy to use and quick. I made a map of income by zips in NC in about 2 minutes. I recommend that you give it a try.

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