I will be out of the country for a three week trip to Turkey starting May 17.  I would not ordinarily impose this fact on my readers — although I am very excited about it — but for the fact that my departure date is May 17.  As many of you know, the copyright infringement case against Georgia State University over electronic reserves is scheduled to go to trial on May 16.  The coincidence of these dates means that this blog will not be the best place to get hot news about that case; indeed, many of you will probably know of the result well before I do.

For those seeking up-to-date information about that case and other copyright developments, I recommend the ARL policy blog and the blog from the Copyright Advisory Office at Columbia University.  Many others, I hope, will also report on important developments, including the higher education press.

I plan to post one more comment about the GSU case in the coming days, then this space will be inactive until at least the second week of June.

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