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Don’t Let UNC (Archives) Win!

For those of you who are just tuning in, the Duke University Archives has entered into a friendly competition with our colleagues at the UNC University Archives. The challenge: whose Facebook page can get the most new “likes” by tip-off (7:00 PM) of the March 3rd UNC vs. Duke game. That’s Saturday night!

Our standings, as of noon today:

Duke University Archives: 371 new “likes” (446 total “likes”)

UNC University Archives: 749 new “likes” (794 total “likes”)


So ask your friends and your friends’ friends and your friends’ friends’ great-grandparents to “like” us on Facebook! The stakes are huge: the loser has to post a photo of the winner’s choosing (and from the winner’s collection) as their Facebook profile photo for one week. Do you really want to see a photo of Dean Smith (happy belated birthday, by the way!) on the Duke University Archives’ Facebook page?

We’re staying positive here at the Duke University Archives, though. We’d like to ask you, our stalwart and loyal fans, to help us pick the photo we’ll send over to the UNC University Archives Facebook page on Saturday. Below, you’ll find the contenders and a poll.


Duke’s Blue Devil and UNC’s Ramses play nicely at a 1957 football game.

Blue Devil vs. Ramses, 1957
An Adorable Rivalry, 1957


Duke president Terry Sanford (speaking at the podium) doesn’t look too pleased. Perhaps that’s because he received his bachelor’s degree from UNC?

Duke University Commencement, 1979
Duke University Commencement, 1979


Duke guard Steve Vacendak rises above his UNC rivals.

Steve Vacendak
Duke vs. UNC Men's Basketball Game, ca. 1964-1966


It IS Spring Break next week. . . .

Spring Break Crazies, undated
Spring Break Crazies, undated