Mad Men Monday, Episode 6

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A series of big changes consumed the May 5th episode of Mad Men last night, and not everyone is pleased with the results.

Pete, Joan and Bert consult with a banker to take SCDP public. Roger’s scheming gets SCDP a chance to pitch a campaign for a new concept car by Chevrolet. Don resigns the Jaguar account during an angry exchange over dinner with Herb Rennet. Pete and Joan are angry with Don’s actions. Pete and his father-in-law awkwardly run into each other at a brothel, which results in the loss of the Vicks account for SCDP. Megan takes her mother’s advice and gets Don’s attention with a short dress. Peggy is unhappy with the apartment she bought and Abe tries to reassure her. Ted kisses Peggy when she says that she admires him because he is strong. Peggy fantasizes about Ted while she talks to Abe. Don and Ted run into each other at the hotel bar the night before the Chevy pitch and agree to join forces. After winning the account, SCDP and CGC merge. Peggy is surprised and disappointed with the merger news.

Episode six’s plot referred to flight attendants, Mustangs, Shalimar perfume, paint fumes, Vicks cough drops, Jim Beam, and pinot noir, among other things. Here is a selection of ads and images that illustrate some of the products and cultural references mentioned in last night’s Mad Men. A gallery of our highlighted images may also be found on Pinterest and Flickr.

Advertisement for Dutch Boy Paint

Advertisement for Jim Beam Bourbon

Advertisement for J. Walter Thompson's IPO

Advertisement for Ford Mustang

Billboard for "Stewardesses"

Advertisement for Inglenook Pinot Noir

Advertisement for Shalimar

Advertisement for Hallmark Wrapping Paper

Advertisement for Kayser Stockings

And here’s something to listen to while you’re looking at the ads (especially the last one)!