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Welcome Craig Breaden!

Craig Breaden, Jazz Loft Project Archivist

We are pleased to welcome the Rubenstein’s newest staff member, Craig Breaden, who started this month as the Jazz Loft Project Archivist in the Technical Services Department. Originally from Texas, Craig has both a master’s in history from Utah State and an MLIS from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He comes to Duke from the Russell Library for Political Research and Studies at the University of Georgia, where he worked as a Media Assets Archivist and then as Head of the Media and Oral History unit. As the Jazz Loft Project Archivist, he’ll be putting those experiences to good use when working with the oral histories, recordings, and other materials in the Project’s archive. Learn more about the Jazz Loft Project here.

When he’s not at work, Craig says his favorite thing to do is to spend time with his family (he and his wife have 2 boys, ages 6 and 4). His hobbies include listening to, writing, and playing music, “with varying levels of proficiency,” he adds. He especially enjoys the guitar and the banjo. He also brews his own beer.

As soon as his family is settled, all Rubenstein happy hours will be held at Craig’s house, where he will serenade us with banjo music and serve us home-brewed beer. Welcome, Craig!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Craig Breaden!”

  1. Welcome Craig! Wow, we are gathering a lot of home brewers on our staff. I feel a brew-off may be in order (as an accompaniment to the bake-off perhaps?).

  2. Congrats to you….probably a great honor to have such a position….i have been a big fan since the inception of the project….I was wondering when they would be adding any more audio files or if a CD is in the works?

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