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Kenny Dennard, University Archives Researcher

Former Duke men’s basketball team captain Kenny Dennard came to visit the Duke University Archives today. We gave him a refresher on his Duke basketball career (1977/78-1980/81), with the help of the Sports Information Office’s Basketball Records.

Kenny Dennard Reads the 1981 Chanticleer, 2012
Photo by Angela Mace.

Here’s Kenny reading the 1981 Chanticleer. Check out Kenny’s reflections on his time at Duke (brought to you courtesy of the digitized edition of the 1981 volume).

Lynn Eaton and Kenny Dennard, 2012
Photo by Angela Mace.

Here’s Kenny and Lynn Eaton, the Hartman Center’s research services archivist. She’s 5′ 6″, by way of comparison.

Thanks for visiting, Kenny, and come back soon!

(By the way, Kenny is a fan of the Duke University Archives on Facebook. Are you? We have only 29 hours left in our Facebook competition with the UNC Archives!)

3 thoughts on “Kenny Dennard, University Archives Researcher”

  1. I was walking behind him in the hall thinking, wow, this gentleman is very very tall. He came into the reading room right after me. I feel like I came very close to meeting a star!

    I love these researcher bios, please bring us more! It’s interesting to meet our patrons.

    1. Oh! You should have said something–we could have taken your picture with him, too!

      And we’ll definitely follow your suggestion and work on more blog posts about patrons. We can’t keep all the fun of meeting them to ourselves!

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