Another Wednesday at the RBMSCL

So, you ask, what did your friends at the RBMSCL do on Wednesday? Well, we helped some researchers and we added some new materials to our collections and we encoded a few finding aids.

And then there was this.

Bake-Off Treats!

Yes, on Wednesday afternoon, Team Smith and Team Perkins matched baking skills in the First Annual All-RBMSCL Bake-Off.

Our three esteemed judges sampled 37 desserts from four categories (cakes, pies, cookies and bars, and “other”) and assigned scores for presentation, taste, and creativity.

Cleansing Their Palates

They were a little overwhelmed.

Feeding Frenzy

While the scores were being totaled, we got down to some serious eating (note our serious eating faces).

Our Winners:

  • Pies Category: Patrick Stawski, Human Rights Archivist
  • Cakes Category: Mary Samouelian, Doris Duke Collection Archivist
  • Cookies and Bars Category: Elizabeth Dunn, Research Services Librarian
  • “Other” Category: Paula Jeannet Mangiafico, Senior Processing Archivist (for tiramisu!)

Elizabeth Dunn won “Best in Show” for her Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Brownies.

Best in Show

Although Team Smith won the categories 3 to 1, Team Perkins scored the higher average of points per entry. We’re calling it a draw. For now, the trophy—the Golden Recipe Box—will reside at Perkins in the RBMSCL’s reading room. Comparisons to the Stanley Cup are, we think, inevitable:

The Golden Recipe Box

We haven’t tried drinking champagne out of it, though.

For more Bake-Off photos, visit the “2011 RBMSCL Bake-Off” set on our Flickr photostream.