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Edible Book Festival Head Up!

Medium Raw (liver)
"Medium Raw," 2011 winner of Least Edible Award

It’s never too early to start planning your edible book festival entry. This year we will be celebrating on Monday, April 2nd, from 2-3:30pm in the Gothic Reading Room. Details can be found on the Edible Book Festival web page.

The event is open to all Duke University and Medical Center staff, students, and the general public. There is no entry fee. The only rule: Make edible art that has something to do with books as shapes or content. Past EBF entries can be seen on  Flickr.

You don’t have to enter to join the fun, the Festival includes:

  • Refreshments that you will want to eat, unlike some of the entries.
  • Voting for your favorite entries in several categories. Help them win a prize!
  • An opportunity to participate in the silent auction. Take your favorite edible book home with you!