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It’s Freezer Friday

We are spending today getting some frozen books out of the freezer and into the fume hood so they can over the weekend.

freezer full of books

Our freezer has been working overtime this year with all the pipe leaks and other collections emergencies we have had.

wet books drying in fume hood
Time to make space in the freezer by drying some books in the fume hood.


wet books says dry me
Hold on…we’re coming!

What’s in your freezer? Let us know in the comments, or send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “It’s Freezer Friday”

  1. Beth, I am wondering (for a friend) how long is the longest time you have left a wet book in a freezer?

    1. Hi Jane, I am guessing probably a year? But when I looked in the freezer last week, there is something in there that I think we put in as part of a training session in 2019. I need to figure out what that is and where it came from. It isn’t listed on the freezer inventory sheet.

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