Quick Pic: The View From Down Under

Today was board-shear maintenance day. We changed the blade, replaced some worn screws, and trued the cut. It takes two people to change the blade. One person under the shear (usually me) and one person to tighten the screws. We have the maintenance down to about half an hour.  A while ago we showed you the view from above, ever wonder what the view from below looks like?

board shear maintenance
Rachel laughing at Beth on the floor.

That is not a very flattering angle. It’s a very good thing Rachel has a great sense of humor.

2 thoughts on “Quick Pic: The View From Down Under”

  1. Ah…, these take me back to my days at Yale (1991-93) and their ancient guillotine with leather belt drive. Belt would come off regularly and I’d have to crawl underneath, remove belt cowling, put back on, … Regular oil stains on shirt… And they wondered why I didn’t dress up.

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