Happy Birthday Devil’s Tale!

Doris Duke and her trusted steed, posted by Devil’s Tale in honor of Ms. Duke’s 100th birthday.

Today we pause to wish our sister blog a very happy birthday! Devil’s Tale, the blog of the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library, turns four years old today.

Over the last four years the bloggers of Devil’s Tale have brought to light not only our collection gems, but the hard work it takes to acquire, describe, arrange and preserve the collections in our care.

Their first post┬áset in motion a series of events including the inception and naming of Preservation Underground. Together, we have created innovative blogging ideas including the What’s In The Lab series and our simultaneous blogging posts (one object, two perspectives, posted on the same day). Our enthusiasm for social media led us to start the Social Media Users Group, a grassroots effort to learn how to best use and leverage our social media endeavors.

Happy birthday friends! We hope there is some cake somewhere in an approved eating-area of the library for you today.