What We Find In Books: Doodles, flowers and more

manual of botanyThis item came in for boxing this week. The book is Manual of Botany, for North America by Amos Eaton dated 1829. There are multiple pressed flowers in the volume, and some marvelous doodles on the paste downs, and this sweet paper-cut-out silhouette. The paper is only about four inches wide. I love the detail of the bangs.

2 thoughts on “What We Find In Books: Doodles, flowers and more”

  1. I so miss seeing the littler versions hanging on the trees and archways on misty mornings–usually during finals week! Fortunately, I have several I saved from a groundskeeper who was throwing them out one day! They live on, dangling from houseplants and my orchid collection. Though, students graduate and go on to other pursuits which is as it should be, still some of them leave tangible reminders of their time with us. This former student has a FB page dedicated to the foil folk. http://www.facebook.com/LivingFoil

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