Quick Pic: What Is She Doing Under There?

Changing the board shear blades

Today was board-shear maintenance day! It takes two of us to change out the blades on the shear. That’s me under the shear, and Jennifer on the right.

The arm-blade is easily removed. The base-blade has bolts holding the screws on, so they need to be loosened from underneath. Once the blades are changed we replace the clamp and check to see that it cuts square. I also put some new lithium grease on the catch basin gears while I was down there.

It’s always great to put a sharp blade on the shear. It cuts “like butter” and makes a wonderful “swishing” sound.

Note to self: don’t wear black pants on blade-changing day; and closed-toe shoes are probably a better footwear choice.

2 thoughts on “Quick Pic: What Is She Doing Under There?”

  1. Where are you getting your blades sharpened? I’ve lost my local sharpener, won’t do the curved blade any longer. 🙁

  2. We send ours to a guy in Virginia. Great customer service and fast turnaround. I can email you the info.

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