Preservation Week: The Lab Is Hopping!

For Preservation Week we are sharing a “Day In The Lab” montage. Today the lab is full of activity and fun projects. Who would suspect that all of this goes on under your feet as you walk into the library? Hope you had a great Preservation Week.

Photo 1(3)
Jennifer is boxing up “Mr. Money” aka “The Man” from the Human Rights Archives. This is a very large puppet with a paper mache head and a PVC-pipe body.
Photo 3
Meg is washing a giant book, page by page.
Photo 5
Tedd just finished a fabulous box for our Cigarette Rolling Machine Patent Model. All of the wheels actually spin!
Photo 4
And Beth is outside vacuuming mouse poop droppings from a manuscript collection. This is how we get to see the outdoors during the day. Don’t be jealous.