3 thoughts on “Quick Pic: Flattening Really Big Things”

  1. It’s interesting how we form a context of ‘big’ and ‘small’ dependent on the material we see day to day. Looking at maps all day, an object 3 or 4 feet seems small to me 🙂

    The maps we humidify and flatten average 10-15 feet long. We have a few over 30 feet. We use 4-6 large tables with wheels, and flatten between a sandwich of felt and hollytex with plexi sheets and weights on top.

    When we have to flatten the really big ones, it seems we scavenge lab for all available weights – metal weights w handles, bricks, pieces of marble and random chunks of metal (industrial city we have these laying around, naturally).

    I always enjoy your posts, thank you for sharing-

  2. @Amy, so true! I categorize things as “really big” if they don’t fit into a standard map drawer. We seem to be getting more and more things that fit that category, especially photos and architectural plans. We are devising ways to house these sorts of materials in our stacks. The biggest roadblock is that our stacks were designed for a run-of-the-mill sized book, not giant flat things.

    @Emily, we’ll show them if we can. Some of these are rather sensitive in nature because of their content (a certain fraternal organization with distinctive attire), but some of these I think we can show.

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