Preservation Video Rodeo Roundup, pt. 4 (Insects and Disasters)

Welcome to part four of our Preservation Week video roundup. Today we have for your enjoyment some fun videos on not-so-fun topics: insects and disasters.

First up, my favorite insect video from the University of Florida Smathers Library Preservation Department. This, my friends, is why you want to keep the lid on the trash cans.


From our former colleague comes this humorous video. Thanks to UNC-Greensboro Preservation Committee for a fun look at insects in the library.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne Preservation Department recently put together some books on shelves to see what happens when a sprinkler head goes off. It’s always fun to watch books get wet.


After a flash flood hit the Hamilton Library on the campus of the University of Hawaii, the Conservation Department had to clean and repair the damage.


Just for fun: Mr. Bean tries to thwart security at his local library.


4 thoughts on “Preservation Video Rodeo Roundup, pt. 4 (Insects and Disasters)”

  1. Interesting article, maybe next time don’t put a picture of a roach on the front page of Duke today, creeped me out and didn’t want to stay on the page. (comment doesn’t need to be published, just giving feedback)

  2. The first video was more than a little gross, but perhaps people will see it and change their habits in the library. The video from UNC-G-boro was more engaging.

  3. @Sarah, Duke Today’s editor posted that on their front page. It is a little off-putting, but insect damage is a real threat to library materials. It’s amazing to me the damage they can do to books and reminds us why keeping our stacks clean and clear of food and drink is important. Thanks for the comment.

    @Chris, I do like the UNC-G one. The juxtaposition of these two insect videos is interesting…what gets your attention more, a humorous take on the issue or an eye-opening one? Which one are you more likely to remember? Which one prompts you to think twice about leaving your empty pizza box on the table in the library? I’m not sure, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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